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Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday Morning

I said that I'd join in with the weekly flylady on the MSE this week - so I will. Anything that will ensure I get this house back into some kind of order must be worthwhile.
It was difficult getting out of bed this morning as for some reason it seemed a bit cold. But eventually I braved the arctic conditions of the bedroom and got dressed quickly, putting an my thick cardi to keep out the cold. Then it was downstairs for breakfast and a quick check of emails before getting started. However I was delayed by the postman bringing a few goodies to the door - my free BBC seeds, a copy of Country Living and my parcel of ribbons ordered from Patch.
But now there are no more excuses and I must get going on the following:
Monday ~ Kitchen/Dining area
Level One
Sweep and mop floors
Declutter and wipe worksurfaces
Level Two
Scrub the fronts of units and large appliances
Wipe and replace the small appliances
Wipe tables and place clean cloth
Level Three
Clean out a cupboard..
Scrub the sink and shine the taps and tiles
Clean out the fridge!
  1. Wipe over oven and hob
  2. Declutter and wipe window sills
  3. Empty and wash out bins.. recycling, rubbish and compost! (inside bins not wheelies!!!!)
  4. HHI

1 comment:

  1. Iused to do the flylady on MSE. Does Pigpen still run it?
    It's a great method and your kitchen is just lovely!
    Lisa x