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Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day

I am fed up with people thinking that The English flag and celebrating St George's day is racist. It is not. Unfortunately for some reason we have allowed an extremist organisation, the BNP [ whose leader, Nick Griffin, has even gone so far as to question the veracity of the Holocaust!]to hijack the flag and some of our English folk songs.
On Twiggy's blog she has listed 10 reasons to celebrate being English
Here are mine:
Folk music
Music festivals
Morris dancing
Seaside resorts and piers
Real ale and cider
Our beautiful countryside
Fish and chips
Ancient woodlands
Country pubs
Country villages

Anyone interested watch this


  1. Oh I agree with you entirely and your list could have been written by me too!!

  2. Hope you had a great St George's Day, I came here via Heart Shaped and discover that you live in Ipswich and have a son in Sheffield. I live in Sheffield and have a son who lives in Stowmarket! I absolutely agree with you about celebrating St George's Day, it was around long before the BNP and is worth celebrating because England is a marvellous country.

  3. Hi Rowan
    I was just looking at your blog and thinking the same about the situation of you in Sheffield and myself in Suffolk.
    I love your blog by the way and am just writing a comment on it now
    take care

  4. I think we should campaign to make ST Georges Day equally as big as St Paticks day. We have a friend who's birthday is the 23rd, so we are geared up to celebrate. So glad you have "met" Rowan. xxxxx

  5. Ditto!
    I'm behind you all the way hun!
    Karenx x x

  6. Hello Viv, I've just arrived here from Mrs Bobo Bun (I think, sometimes I get so lost here in blogland) and love this post. I so agree. If we fly the flag we're racist or football fans, and if we wear a red rose, we are Labour supporters. None of the above we're just English, and proud! Penny
    p.s. I can't always a leave a link on Blogger but I blog on