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Monday, 5 January 2015

Another no spend day

Since Christmas my spending has been reduced but I haven't recorded it. I am going to from now on.  I am determined to think about what I'm spending and why. I know I can reduce our grocery shopping and as we have quite a lot of food in the fridge, freezer and cupboards, I'm determined only to buy items such as bread, fruit and veg for a while. Buying more food in Aldi will also keep the grocery shopping bill down.

However I do know my spending on sewing will continue as I have two courses booked and I also need to look carefully at the lighting in my sewing room. Sewing is my passion and I feel justified in spending on this but will still need to ask myself if the item/expenditure is really needed. One area I can cut down is on fabric. I have lots and am determined to use what I have rather than buy new.

The decluttering is continuing and I'm quite pleased with how it's going. I have got better at getting rid of items but it's an ongoing project that will take possibly another couple of years. What I must be careful of is replacing the clutter I'm getting rid of

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