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Monday, 19 April 2010

First Day Back and my poor husband

Today was the first day back after a wonderful two week break [except of course for the day I went into school to teach a revision session and all the time I spent marking and preparing work].
What a shock it was to the system, when the alarm clock went off at 7am and I had to get up. Still never mind - as today was an inset day [training day] I could wear my own clothes and not my 'school uniform'. So jeans and casual shirt it was, a quick breakfast and off to school I went.

After several computer problems when my laptop didn't like the updates that had been done to the system, it was time to go to the hall for a staff briefing. Very sad news followed - when we were told a colleague had lost her battle with cancer and had died over the weekend. After being told that, computer problems and staff missing because they were in foreign lands, seemed totally unimportant.

The pupils will be told tomorrow. This is the second time this year, they will have been told of the death of a member of staff - the first was a member of my department, who was killed by a train in January. I am expecting tomorrow will be a difficult day.

The rest of the day consisted of training on new computer systems and working on our assessment procedures.

I left work a little early to collect my poor husband, Harry to take him to the eye clinic. Yesterday he was diagnosed with shingles and as it is affecting his eye, they wanted to check behind it to ensure it wasn't infected. Fortunately the news was good and the actual eye is okay but they want to check him again in a weeks time. He is however feeling very sorry for himself so I am trying to be extra nice to him. Unfortunately I am not a very good nurse.

So tomorrow morning, it will be back to school again but this time with the actual pupils there - [ it's amazing how quiet a school is when the pupils are not there!]


  1. :( very sad news - not the sort of way you want to start a term.

    Your poor husband - that looks very sore.

    BTW your comments on my last post - my friends husband dances sometimes with Pretty Grim (Sean) - small world eh ;)

  2. Hi Vicki
    I know Sean well. I think their next dance out will be at Rochester on the Saturday 1st May. I believe Sean will be camping at the school, like we all do that weekend. Great being a teacher and spending a weekend camping in a school field!

  3. Poor Harry - Hope you feel better soon Harry.

    Sorry to hear about your colleague. Hopefully that will be the last of the bad news your school has to deal with this year.

  4. Shingles is horrid - hope it doesn't last too long.
    I've just got back from work after the break - it was surprisingly painless.

  5. Ohooo I hope he gets better soon, my husband was quite poorly with cellulitis the other week, yet to finish his antibiotics. His leg went all red, swollen and looked very sore. Happily he is on the mend and back at work, he only took 2 days off, though I thought should have been longer. good luck with getting back into the swing of things and thank you for liking my billy. the shelves were lined with a pretty fabric i have and the back was self adhesive film :0)

    Take care

  6. What a shame to start the term like that, not what you want to hear. Oddily enough, my friend who's a teacher has just been diagnosed with shingles around her eye - her doctor told her that it was stress related??!!
    Hope you husband gets better soon.

  7. Not a good way to start the week. Your poor husband...hope he gets well soon. My father had shingles and still feels the after effects. Thanks for the lovely Giveaway book Stitches Dictionary Viv, most useful!

  8. Sending your husband speedy recovery best wishes, those shingles look so nasty.
    ery sorry to read the news about your work colleague. We lost a colleague to cancer a few weeks ago. It hits hard on a close working community.Take care
    Lisa x