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Monday, 26 April 2010


Keep on laughing - its good for you!!!!

After having a really hard day at school I thought the above was so important.
Certainly I know that when I laugh, I always feel so much more relaxed. So lets all take time to laughat various points during our day.


  1. We love comedy at our house. We all love to watch comedy together on TV . I sometimes laugh more at hubby and the kids laughing than at the comedian!! My current fave comedians are John Bishop and Jason Manford. Laughter is as essential as oxygen and food to live a healthy life. xxxxx

  2. It says in the paper today that laughter lowers cholesterol, stress hormaones and blood pressure and can reduce heart disease and diabetes.
    I love live comedy and am off to see Paul Merton at the Ipswich Regent at the weekend.

  3. Hi doesn't take a lot to get me giggling....but usually they are really silly things!
    Karen x x x

  4. Hi
    Pleased to 'virtually' meet you as We are Fabric Swap partners !
    I will follow your blog and hopefully get a feel for what you like before I find some goodies for you. Very excited as I am quite new to all this and I havn't done a swap before.
    Have a great day
    Sue x