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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Craft magazine

Yesterday afternoon whilst waiting for my prescription to be ready at the chemist, I had a wander round the Co-op and found this:

"Woman's Weekly", you may all gasp. "Surely not!"
But before you judge you might just take look at some of the pages from it.

First , what cutie wouldn't look lovely in this hooded top?Does your house suffer from draughts? Not anymore with this friendly looming draught excluder:

Then feast your eyes on these very cute Scandinavian baby slippers:

A rather appealing cross stitch to celebrate the eventual arrival of Spring:

An absolutely gorgeous rag doll, whose name is Pippa:

Ahoy me hearties: What about this swashbucklin' pirate?

Or this patchwork and appliqué adorable Spring themed quilt

And with just a few bits of scrap fabric and some buttons, your little angel could make herself one of these:

And now we are all busy in the garden, what could be more useful than this gardener's apron?

Have you changed your mind about "Woman's Weekly" yet? I know I have and I'll certainly be looking out for their summer edition of this craft special


  1. My Mum used to buy these and luckily I still have a few of them. I'm trying very hard not to buy magazines at the moment with a plan to then treating myself to the odd craft book instead. Wish me luck as I don't have much willpower!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. I know what you mean. I have been trying not to buy magazines but this one caught my eye. It also contains a lot of items I would make.
    Viv xxx

  3. It looks a lot different to the Womans Weekly I remember - my mum used to buy it every week and I always read the Robin family stories :)

  4. lol i remember my mum getting this when i was little and it was very different! LOL I love that spring quilt - gorgeous!! :D