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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I'm so lucky!

The door bell rang and on opening it, the postman handed me a parcel. I wonder if this is my flower swap from Suze at Handmade from the Heart, I thought. And indeed it was.

Neatly packed into the box were several packages, which when unwrapped filled me with delight:

2 pieces of lovely fabric, pack of seeds, a lavender filled heart, a pack of minstrels[have you spotted that it's already open!!!] and two gorgeous hanging wooden shapes - a flower and a chicken , both which are lovely. But this one is my favourite:

Thanks so much Suze - I feel really really spoilt.


  1. How sweet!! I love that little chicken too!!
    Lucky girl!

  2. Lovely things!
    The secret of crochet for me was having a bit of time to concentrate on it and watching Youtube tutorials - much simpler than a book.