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Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Busy Sunday

This morning started with the making of a cushion for my chair in my craftroom and then the making of this bag, with the same material that was used for the cushion being used for the bottom half of the bag. I'm quite pleased with it but may have a go at changing the strap as I found it slightly too wide when I used the bag this afternoon.
Then we went to Stowmarket to see Chris, Harry's son and to give him his Easter Egg - I know it's rather late but it's still chocolate and who can refuse chocolate? Also we took him a box of beers . Whilst we were there, he showed me how they mix music for raves and I had a go. Wasn't music for my ear- just a noise,but then perhaps that is just my age showing!

Then I was a very good wifee and accompanied Harry to the Stowmarket Model Railway Show where they had 20 layouts showing. The one below was one of my favourites and I must admit it was the village scenes that I liked about this one.

Then it was off the a small Tescos that stays open late for something for tea and then home. Now I am writing this between marking GCSE essays - I know which activity I prefer, but writing my blog doesn't pay the bills!!


  1. Hi Viv

    Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Your bag looks very pretty, I love the colours. I hope your first week at school wasn't so bad after all, so sorry to hear all that sad news.

    Kate x

  2. Your bag looks lovely, such pretty colours.

  3. I really like your bag - such great colour combinations. My 2 boys would have loved the model railway show. If only we could earn money from blogging eh?!