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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Warwick Folk Festival

This weekend was spent at the Warwick Folk Festival. It was a brilliant weekend spent in good company, with fantastic music and tasty food and drink. Harry and I arrived on the Thursday evening and set up camp making sure we saved space for our friend Claudine, who was arriving Friday. However she also bought another friend with her and fortunately we had saved enough space for a further tent.
On the Friday evening my favourite band of all played - Show of Hands:
They were brilliant as usual and we all had a great evening.
Throughout the weekend we listened to and discovered new and old singers and bands but also we did some shopping. Most festivals have stalls selling a variety of items but Warwick always seems to have, not only quite a large number of stalls, but also they have an excellent choice of items. I managed to get Ella a wicker chair, just like her mum had when she was young. The guy who sold it to me renovates old chairs and wicker items. On another stall I found a scarf that I can use to make cushion covers for the chair. I also bought 2 scarves for me, a super large basket , hair clip, tin whistle, necklace and a music case.
Unfortunately yesterday we had to pack up and come home.....but not for long we still have more festivals to attend this year...