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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Year 11 are leaving........

So it's time to get out that special notebook

in which to write those special messages

which will be read over and over again.......

'Miss said she can't put my photo on her blog, because I might be recognised I won't!!'

'And now I'm leaving I can stop hiding my phone!'

Thought you all might like to get some insight into the last days of being in year 11......


  1. I still have my book, hard to believe it was 10 year ago!

  2. Hello, I've just updated my last post to include you in the strawberry swap. Your partner is Rebecca and you'll be able to contact her from my blog post. xx Pixie xx

  3. I remember my last day which was way back in 1984! I have my notepad with those messages one, some of them quite rude!
    Lisa x

  4. yeah it was that long ago! I left in 2000.

  5. I remember my last day in Y11 too - all the way back in deepest darkest 1986!! It wasn't the celebration they have now though.

    Its scary to think my eldest will be a Y10 from September with all that brings. Hopefully today he'll hear if he got his 1st choice options for GCSEs.

  6. Hi
    Just a quick note to thank you so much for my swap parcel. I had no idea what was in the parcel I was so pleased when I realised what it was !
    I will do a blog post soon about it. I am truly delighted with your generosity and good taste !
    I feel really bad as yours is still not sorted as had Miss V off school all week and hardly a minute to myself.
    Thanks again, I am so pleased
    Enjoy half term
    Su ex