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Monday, 3 May 2010

My Bank Holiday Weekend

The weekend started with the setting up of 'camp' Including this cheerful ladybird and the bunting shown below:

And of course the compulsory windsoc:
Harry snapped in the awning:
Then the next morning[Sat] it was into Rochester for the festival. But first a walk through the visitor centre where they are counting the days until the Olympics:
And Mr Dickens greeting all visitors:
Then to the main High Street and the dancing:
Harry waiting for the rest of Pretty Grim to join him - he had to stop the face paint half way up his head because of the shingles scabs:
More dancers:

Young and old:

A photo looking back up the high street
A beautiful building - the gardens of which we sat in to eat our lunch:

Then more dancers:
And the horse:
And some strange characters:
More dancers including Harry with Pretty Grim:

Then Saturday night it was to the pub to listen to The Bounty Hounds. Can anyone spot the singer, John in any of the other photos?

Unfortunately on Sunday it poured and I decided to have a quiet day in the caravan, reading and trying to master crocheting. Today it was back to the pub to watch The Bounty Hounds before our journey home.


  1. Great photos :) Hope you have had a good day x

  2. Looks like some fun was had :) Love the Bounty Hounds - we saw them at Hachfest last summer :)

    You'll have to let me know where Pretty Grim are next (locally) & we'll try & come & watch :)

  3. Lovely photos hunny!

    I've an award waiting for you if you want to pop over n collect it...

    Karen x x x

  4. This is the second blog I have read today with pictures of dancers at Rochester!
    I have been to a music day with my school today where the children learnt a Morris dance - they enjoyed it (except for th elad who got his finger whacked!)

  5. I'm glad you had an enjoyable weekend in Rochester. Such a pity the weather wasn't better for you all.
    How amazing is it that you found yourself in one of my photos of the festival?!! I hadn't realised dancers came from as far afield as Suffolk.
    We have a really good Folk festival here in Tenterden, Kent, the first weekend in October. Lots of morris groups and sing arounds in all the pubs. Thoroughly enjoyable!

  6. It certainly is a small world!! Perhaps we'll see you in Tenterden this year?

  7. Looks like a riot to me - great fun. PS I love camping, but I am a tent dweller. xxx

  8. Shame about the rain, but I love to watch Morris dancing.
    Lisa x

  9. This must have been such a fun day! I love the Horse and Eastgate House looks interesting, is it open to the public? I love your header - so nostalgic and a period that I love.