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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Coursework nightmare nearly over!

The last couple of weeks have been really manic with trying to get coursework out of pupils. Some hand it in and expect to get an A, even if its full of mistakes; some again hand it in and haven't taken any notice of advice you have given them and are upset when its a low grade, and finally some just don't hand it in.

Of course all this is not their fault. The last twenty years of education changes have made sure of that. If the pupil doesn't get the grade, misbehaves in lessons, or truants - it must be the fault of the teacher!!

League tables and Ofsted have created a climate in schools, where more and more the teacher has to do the thinking for the pupil and almost has to do the 'work' for them. I am seriously concerned that we are breeding a generation who have no idea of working hard, and don't know what it means to think or take responsibility for themselves.

Hopefully tomorrow I will finish all the coursework marking and on Monday the exams begin. Now the revision sessions become more frequent - before school, lunchtimes and after school. Pupils attend when and where they like, but the teacher is there for all of them.

Don't get me wrong, there are loads of really lovely pupils who do work but there is at least an equal number who seem to expect it all to be done for them.


  1. Its time we retired - after the week ive had I can see why women my age go and work in the local bun shop!!! Good Luck to you and your pupils! You do a great job. (also see my comments on your previous entry) xxx

  2. Oh joy - we've all this to come. Big son starts his GCSE's in September. We know he's got it in him - just hoping he'll get himself organised.

  3. Hiya, Not sure if you got my email? I know you are up to your eyes in it at the moment.
    Looking foward to our swap
    Sue x