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Monday, 10 May 2010

Need some help/advice............

As some of you may know, my eldest son is getting married in late August to a super girl he met whilst at Uni. [Let's hope it doesn't rain that day]
They are marrying at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield - Emma in a 50s type dress and Joe in a vintage suit [ if he can find one in time]. There will be family there but not that many - it will mainly be the friends they have made over the last few years at icehockey, work and at the vintage fairs they do.
My problem is what do I wear? I had hoped to lose some weight but it doesn't seem to be happening - so the best way of describing my shape is short and very very round. I don't wear dresses or skirts [ I don't even own a dress or skirt]. I had thought of wearing black trousers, my new red shoes [which I love and by the way I don't do heels]:
Then I have a smart white jacket[which I may or may not need] and was wondering about making a top - trouble is to go with the shoes it ought to have red in and the bride [ Emma] is wearing white with a red fabric belt around her middle. Lets hope Joe isn't reading this.
So what fabric do I use?
Have found these which I like but am unsure about:

Trouble is they are quite expensive [for me anyway]and I want to be certain they are right.
So what do you think? Am I on the right lines or should I go back to the drawing board?


  1. Hi Viv! It was great to see you over at Amanda Makes! I've just had the same dilemma as son is getting married in four weeks. It's not easy is it? I struck lucky with a hippyish floor length floaty dress which covers a multitude of sins! I especially love the 2nd fabric of your two choices. It's beautiful! Love, Amanda xxxx

  2. Hi Viv,
    Please don't worry about your outfit, I think we can both wear red and white!!! Speaking to some of my friends, there are quite a few wearing 50's type dresses so all in all there may be several of us in similar fashion styles - be it colour or design.

    I love the green fabric, its really pretty and I think it would suit you.

    The most important thing is that you are there and that you have a lovely time.

    And finally - I'm only actually worried about what MY mum is wearing; her hat looks like a small country!!! Eeek!

    Anyway, its my right as the bride to demand that you wear whatever you like!!!!

    Love from the 'super' girl (thanks xxx)

  3. Hi They are both great, I would probably pick the blue. As the bride says as long as you are there and happy with your outfit.
    Hope the sun shines too !
    Sue x

  4. I was going to suggest that you ask Emma how she feels about you wearing red but she's forestalled me:) As for the fabric I would choose the one you like best and would feel happiest in and maybe try the shoes against each one to make sure the reds are either the same or blend nicely. I'm sure you'll look great whatever you wear. When my sons got married I assured myself that everyone would be looking at the bride and bridesmaids and wouldn't notice me anyway!

  5. Hi Viv....I know you said you only wear black trousers etc.... but there are so many lovely maxi dresses on offer at the moment that I think would look wonderful....beleive me when I say this(yes I am talking form experience here...)they are fabulous at covering everything!!!
    I'm sure what ever you choose hun you will look fab and have a gorgeous time.....
    want to see the piccies....

    Hugs karen x x x

  6. You are much more organised than me! I haven't a clue at all yet as to what I will be wearing.

    I am hoping I can find something suitable nearer the time when I am hopefully a little smaller!

  7. I love the green fabric its so pretty. xx

  8. I love Sheffield Botanical gardens - can I come and watch? Why don't you go to Debenhams (and I think House of Fraser do it also) and use their free "personal shopper " service. They will get you to try things on that you might normally not try on. Spend as much as it takes to make you feel fab - your worth it. xxxxxxxxx

  9. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Unfortunately I am probably too round for any of the clothes at Debenhams to fit. I have found a pattern and today bought some material that was supposed to be flawed for £2 a metre. I am going to try out the pattern and see if it works ok. If so, I will either make it as a top that can go with trousers or long and as a maxi dress.