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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Apron Swap

I came home early from school yesterday as I was feeling decidedly unwell, so I spent the afternoon finishing the apron, I'm sending to Virginia in Tasmania. I won't show the whole apron but a sneek preview of part of it:She is appliquéd on - this is the first time I've done any appliqué so is not perfect but I hope Virginia likes it


  1. That looks gorgeous! I keep meaning to get on with some applique but haven't had the nerve yet!
    Hope you are well now.

  2. Oh, how exciting, Viv! Yours is coming along nicely - I think you'll like it. I've spent time going through your posts and photos getting clues for the colours and style you like. It has been quite a bit of fun! How lovely to have made contact with someone so far away! I can relate to your school posts so well. It's been 8 years since I was teaching but as Peter is also a teacher we know the life well!!! x

  3. Virginia
    I really hope you like the apron - as you may have guessed it's made from vintage fabric. I did make some mistakes as I didn't have a pattern - lets hope the mistakes make it more personal.
    I must admit when parcelling it up, it seemed so strange thinking how far it will be travelling.
    As to the teaching - I am looking forward to the week's break next week and then from July 22nd the six week summer hols. I love my job but it is so tiring

  4. Thats looking good :)

    You asked about swaps - I think Tilly Rose is planning one soon and theres one on SCC too (think you're a member there??).

    Other than that I know of no others at the moment.

    Every teacher/TA I know is starting to count down till the end of July :) (I know I did when I worked in schools).

  5. It's looking gorgeous! xx