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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Today's achievement

I decided I wanted a new bag for this years festivals and decided to use this fabric:

and make my own bag. I am going to use the same pattern as I used last weekend but maybe add longer handles so that it can go on my shoulder.
I found a purse in the same design on ebay and 'won' that on Sunday. Deciding I also wanted the keyring in the same design to use with the caravan keys, I put in my bid but was beaten by someone else at the last minute. That made me start thinking and after having a brainwave,I ordered a keyring blank which tonight I used to make the following:

I'm so pleased with myself!


  1. It amazing how ideas can come and really work for ourselves, isn't it! The keyring is very clever!

  2. Great idea, I like that fabric!
    Love your header picture too.