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Monday, 22 March 2010

List maker

I don't know about you but I find the process of making lists therapeutic. It's almost as though I am on top of things if I include it all on a list. However increasingly I am finding my lists are being created but nothing is getting done. So change is needed.....

I need to find a way of ensuring the tasks I need to complete [whether household tasks, tasks associated with work or those family type commitments] are actually done. Over the years I have tried various solutions when finding myself in this predicament - yes, this isn't the first time I have found myself in this situation. You would have thought that I'd have learnt something over the years, but the truth of the matter is, that I haven't. I've done the lucky dip method, the advert space between programmes method, the kitchen timer method, to name but a few - and each one although working for one or even when I'm being really good, two sessions, soon fails me.......

So once again I must try and find ways to convince myself to get tasks completed. This time I have decided for the household task lists to use the 'get fit' method. Each household task must involve the burning of more calories than sitting here at the pc or at my desk sewing, knitting etc........mustn't it??

The trouble is I'd rather be doing this:

How do you convince yourself to complete all those 'horrid' tasks that take you away from what you'd rather do?


  1. Am a list girl - only allowed 10 things on there and when I've crossed some off, I can add more.

    Do cheat & add fun stuff too - like coffee with a mate ;)

  2. I am a list maker, I do so many jobs off the list, then transfer them to another one. Now I have about five different lists, for different kinds of jobs. My husband laughs when he see's me writing another list!!

  3. Vicki - I like the idea of only 10 things on a list at a time - may try that one.
    Country style living - I can identify with that one!

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  5. Oh no I really am turning into you mum! I have lists everywhere.

    I have started writing a weekly list and anything urgent gets a star and if it has to be done by a certain day I write the day in brackets.