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Monday, 22 March 2010

A Darek and I

This is a photo of me aged 17. I'd so love to be that size again......

The photo was taken at an arts and crafts festival in Basildon in Essex. I had made that dalek with some kids at an after school playscheme that I worked on and the local press took the photo. I had thought that it had got lost during the intervening years but it resurfaced a few years ago. Unfortunately my daughter cut round it so that is all we have left of the original photo.
I believe it won an award but I can't remember what - the problem with old age is that the memory goes!!!


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  2. I didn't cut the photo, it was already like that when I was given it

  3. Sorry Sian - thought it was you . Sorry

  4. Nice to see you blogging again, I used to have some jeans like that!! and I used to be terrified of Daleks.