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Sunday, 28 March 2010

My weekend

It' s been a busy few days. After finishing school on Friday, I spent the evening making items for a swap I'm involved in and making a few bags. I used one of the bags to put Sian[my daughter] and Ian's Easter eggs in - she can then use the bag for shopping afterwards. It was a super evening and I felt so relaxed compared to how I was feeling during the week in school.
Yesterday we went up to see my son Sam in his residental place:

After leaving Sam we went to Woodbastwick where Norfolk's Woodforde beers are brewed, and had something to eat and drink in the Fur and Feathers, the pub that is attached to the brewery.

Then it was off to Taverham Garden centre where there are also various retail outlets including Sew Simple:

I must admit to spending a few pennies there!!!

Today started with a quick clean up as two friends from Hampshire were popping in for coffee [ they were in Suffolk for a wedding yesterday] and this was then followed by a trip to the library:
and to Tescos. And how am I ending my weekend?

By decluttering. A friend on a forum I belong to is aiming to remove from her house 100 items by the end of March. These can be either thrown out, freecycled or taken to a charity shop. I have decided to join her in this challenge and so far have removed 26 items so only another 74 to go!!

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  1. A decluttering challenge - great idea!
    I've made a mental note to look out for Taverham next time I'm in Norfolk.
    Looking forward to the Easter hols - roll on Thursday.