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Monday, 13 December 2010

4 days to go..........

After a very difficult term there are only four more days to teach before the Christmas holidays begin. I have so much planned, that only a fraction will probably be achieved. One thing I am determined to do is relax. My batteries certainly need re-charging and a few days reading, crafting, spending time with Harry are just what the doctor ordered.

But before the weekend, there are presents to wrap, cards to write, stockings to make, a couple of stollens to bake and between all that I must teach classes of pupils, whose only thoughts are of having fun and Christmas. Good job, I am planning a Christmas Quiz and have a tin of chocolates to share around - hopefully that will keep them all happy on Thursday and Friday.


  1. Have a great time and a rest !
    Best wishes to you
    Sue x

  2. Definately the way round teenagers is chocolate ;)

    We're counting down the days till term ends here too - kind of hoping for a snow day or 2 as well ;)

  3. Must admit snow would be nice but it isn't forecast until Saturday

  4. Hope you enjoy the last few days of term!!
    Then put your feet up..(as if!!)
    Have a lovely Christmas ! ;-)