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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

3 days to go.......

Isn't it terrible wishing your life away? But somehow I can't help but wish it was Friday at 3.30pm.

Not much in terms of Christmas preparations completed today - one present handed out and that's it. Tomorrow I must try to do more - as school reports often say ' could do better!'


  1. Nearly there Viv! I work in Higher Ed and I broke up last week. Woohoo! xx

  2. My friend retires from teaching on FRiday and can't wait! Frankly I wouldn't be a teacher at any price these days. I love the picture at the head of this post, it looks very 1950s.

  3. I remember those days. How glad I am now a retired teacher. Even so I haven't done all the preparations, too busy going to parties.