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Friday, 17 December 2010

The start of the Christmas holidays

At long last, the Christmas holidays begin. I feel so much more relaxed already. Tonight I've been sewing two Christmas stockings for Sian and Ian, and have made 3 stollens that are in the oven at the moment. Have some parcels to wrap tonight but will do that later. Finally some time to be creative and be 'myself' once again.
Tomorrow, weather being okay, we are off to see Sam in Norfolk, picking up Sian, Ian and my ex on the way. Let's hope the snow keeps away. Then on Sunday Joe and Emma are coming to stay. Some fun times ahead....


  1. Hurrah for the holidays :)

    Sounds like you've a busy weekend planned :) Not long now till Sians little one arrives - how exciting :)

  2. yey! how lovely to be on holiday, hope you will share some photos of the stockings?