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Saturday, 27 November 2010

My new CK bag

Have been looking at this in the CK catalogue and web site and drooling. Today we went to Southwold and had a lovely lunch in the Red Lion. When we left the Red Lion I went looking for the shop that sells CK, that my daughter told me about and there was the BAG and at 25% off!!. Imagine my joy when Harry said he would buy it for me. So I am now the very proud owner of this delightful bag - Thanks so much Harry


  1. Good man Harry :)

    Tis a gorgeous bag - you lucky lady :)

  2. Lovely bag! Good on Harry! x

  3. Ooooo! Lucky you, though I can't say too much 'cos my DH bought me the green spotty saddle bag for my birthday.

  4. I love Cath Kidston's things, they are so pretty. The bag is really nice and a bargain too:) I'm going to order some bits and pieces for one of my DILs for Christmas but it will have to be online as our nearest shop is Harrogate.

  5. you fail to mention you hugging it all the way home from halesworth!!!

    And where is the mention of my wonderful cookies!!!