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Friday, 19 November 2010

Sewing for Bean

Many of you may know that my daughter,Sian is pregnant. The baby is due on January 10th and I'm getting really excited. By the way Sian and her partner, Ian, call the baby Bean at the moment. I promised Sian I would do some sewing for her. I bought this pattern and she chose the material and I have now made a bag for the nappies etc - its lovely with two side pockets, one large back pocket and three pockets inside; 3 bibs; a changing mat; and a burp cloth- all using this pattern.
As soon as I can get my camera sorted I'll take some photos of what I have made.


  1. So exciting isn't it ... our 3rd grand is due at the same time as Bean .... you have reminded me that I must get cracking on some makes for her .... got the yarn but need a rocket to get me going at the mo! The scan photos is amazing x

  2. Blimey time is whizzing by - can't believe Bean is due to appear so soon! Only seems minutes since you told us you were due to be a Granny again :)

    Look forward to seeing your makes - lucky Bean :)