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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

and determined to continue this time.

I have a lot of catching up to do and some people I need to contact. Will try to get some of it done in the next day or to as I have some photos to download etc.,

In the meantime, the Cath Kidston Christmas Gift guide has just been posted through my door. And what amazing eye candy it all is!! There is so much in there that is tempting me and yet I am trying hard not to spend

So here is my challenge: I will not buy from Cath Kidston but will attempt to create the look through cheaper alternatives.
I have already started as I have bought this for £6.90:instead of this from CK for £15:
And this for £2.30:

Instead of £5 from CK:


  1. Hur-blooming-rah - about time too - nice to see you posting again.

    I too have been drooling over the gift guide - I ought to try & find cheaper alternatives to some of my favourite items :)

  2. Hi Welcome back
    I too have been looking at that catalogue today.
    Love your substitutes !
    Sue x

  3. Welcome back Viv! I have been oggling the gift guide too. All so lovely! xx

  4. I saw some of the ck christmas stuff and knew you would be drooling! I saw a christmas stocking on the john lewis site thats really nice