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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tacky Felixstowe and Dad's Army

You might wonder what the two [Tacky Felixstowe and Dad's Army] have in common. The answer is May Bank Holiday Weekend. The rain kept us at home a lot of the time but on Sunday late afternoon I collected all our 2ps from the piggy bank and we headed down to the tacky end of Felixstowe to play the machine followed by fish and chips:
One of the advantages of Felixstowe is the opportunity to watch various ships come in or out of the docks - this time it was a Stena line ship bound for Harwich:
So you can really see how tacky this part is I took the following two photos:

Don't worry, not all of Felixstowe is like that - I love old Felixstowe and will show you that another day.
On the Monday with the weather not much better, Harry had the brain wave of visiting Bressingham. I must admit, not one of my favourite places but I could come up with no better idea - so off we went. First we looked round the garden centre - the plants there are really healthy but so so expensive. Then it was into the museum and before going on the trains, we visited the Dad's Army display:

Then it was time to visit the rest of the place -I love the painted horse!
A train ride:
Then we took a different train around the gardens:

Overall not a bad day but an expensive one.....


  1. My DIL's gran lives in Felixstowe so I've been there a couple of times - not to the tacky end though:) Bet the fish and chips were good though. I didn't know there was a Dad's Army display at Bressingham, I haven't been there. Always loved Dad's Army though I could have lived without the Cpl Jones character who I always found intensely irritating!

  2. Haven't been to Felixstowe for ages, except for a school visit to Landguard Fort. My parents lived there as newly weds in the 1950s and have some great photos.
    Dad used to take us to Bressingham every tear when my brother and I were small - as a result I have always refused to go back as an adult!

  3. Sounds like a fab time..and the tacky bit has to be done now and again, doesn't it?!
    I would love to go to the Dad's Army exhibition!

  4. Sometimes tacky can be fun - might even drag the family to Felixstowe one weekend.

    Haven't been to Bressingham for a few years now - used to go lots when the boys were small & Thomas the Tank Engine use to visit!!

  5. I loved Bressingham when we went a few years ago...fab gardens. Also loved Dad's Army.

    Glad you're having a good half term break!
    Karen x x x