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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fabric swap and new shopping trolley

Two exciting happenings - discovered the above in a local hardware store and it just had to come home with me......
Also the postman delivered my fabric swap from Sue at Vintage from the Village .

Sue had wrapped it all beautifully:

First a photo of all the contents together:
Some wonderful large squares of green and pink fabric that coordinates wonderfully:
A tin of buttons in a tin in a little bag[more about the buttons later], various ribbons, a lavender sachet with an appropriate ribbon tag and two super mags that I had never seen before:
Larger pieces of fabric - two of which are children's prints and I hope I'll soon be able to tell you all, why this is so appropriate but I am sworn to secrecy at the moment:
A lovely card and some super brown coordinating squares:
And finally the contents of the button tin:
Haven't I been lucky?
Thanks so much Sue, its all wonderful and very ME.


  1. So pleased you like it all !
    and I love your trolley !
    Enjoy rest of thw weekend
    Sue x

  2. I glad that you enjoyed the swap. Thanks for joining in the fun. With a comment like that my money's on you becoming a Grandma?xx

  3. Lovely swap goodies Viv and welcome to the trolley dolly club x

  4. What a lovely selection of fabric!

  5. Very lovely :)

    I think I might understand why you have some of that fabric ;)

    BTW didn't get to Woodbridge - boys went away with scout & MrVV & I have been camping in Norfolk (and he had to collect boys this afternoon too). Heyho there's always next year!!