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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Charlie and Elvis Jewellery

Some of you may know that my eldest son. Joe and his soon to be wife, Emma make jewellery which they sell under the name of Charlie and Elvis Jewellery. They are at most of the vintage fairs in Sheffield, Leeds and surrounding areas.
This week they were part of the Pop-Up Boutique in Meadowhall. A promotional piece was done by Meadowhall TV

I am a very proud mummy.
Joe and Emma appear several times in the video. The first sighting is of Emma at 13 seconds in when she appears walking in [she has her hair tied back and is the one on the left. The first time Joe appears is at 1min 15 seconds when he is in the background with Emma [Joe is wearing a black jacket].
The stall is seen at 2min 43 seconds and then Joe is seen at 3min 34 seconds going through a rack of clothes. They are both seen together behind a counter at 3 min 41 seconds.


  1. You must be very proud of their hard work. I had hoped to make the meet-up but we're currently struggling to shoe-horn things into our week-ends. Unless things calm down a little here I doubt that I will be there :-(

  2. Hey,

    I'm your Strawberry Swap partner, I tried emailing you but not sure if you got it :)