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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Faversham Hop festival

This weekend we went with Pretty Grim morris to Faversham for the hop festival.
Leaving Ipswich about 3pm we braved the massive queues on the M25 and the Queen Elizabeth bridge and finally arrived on the school field of the school in Faversham where we were all camping. We were second to arrive and it didn't take that long to put up the awning and get ourselves settled. It was getting dark by the time others arrived and tents were erected in the poor light. We cooked a stir fry but others went to the fish and chips - Sean's portion looked like it could have fed a family for a week - okay a little exaggeration but not much.

Next morning it was off to the town centre for the festival. On the way Harry bought a new top hat as modelled above. I must admit I did steal it off him for quite a lot of the time.
On the first dance spot Pretty Grim were dancing with the Gong Scourers - see below:

The weather was really hot and the streets were packed. It got so packed at one point that the dancers had to keep the crowds back so that other dancers had space to dance

That evening we had our camp barbeque - there was so much food!!. Afterwards we kept the fire going until about 2am in the morning when the last of us retired to bed. Here I must mention Colin the crocodile that was burning on the fire - it's okay he wasn't a real crocodile but a log that resembled one.

The next day the weather wasn't so kind and when the dancers disappeared down the town I chose to stay at the caravan and get things sorted. Also there was a lot of clearing up of beer and cider bottles!!!!!

We fianally left Faversham about 5pm - another hop festival over for another year...

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