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Friday, 25 March 2011

Tired and exhausted

The end of another working week that once again confirms that I am making the right decision in retiring at the end of the summer. The demands of the job seem to be growing on a daily basis and despite having an excellent lesson with a class of year 10 students, I know that I can't keep it up. I will miss the students and will always want to know how they are getting on in life but the time is definitely approaching when I have to call it a day.

I came home full of good intentions to get all sorts done when I got home but I have done nothing besides preparing a salad for tea.

But tomorrow's another day and hopefully the sun will shine!


  1. i know this feeling only too well, i haveonly been teaching 8years, yet the demands now are so far and beyond what they used to be :(

    Try to have a relaxing weekend :)

  2. We have at least 4 staff members who are looking to change career

  3. Try and enjoy your weekend my lovely
    x x x