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Thursday, 17 March 2011

A perfect day!

Saturday started with a visit to Lowestoft to Claire's new shop. It opened the previous Saturday and so I was really eager to see inside it.
It was great...loads of super fabric, ribbons, sewing notions and some jewellery making equipment. Had a good look round and was hoping to get enough of the fabric below for a cloth for my kitchen table but unfortunately Claire didn't have enough left. Apparently it has been selling really fast but she is soon getting some more in and has promised to let me know when its back in stock.

After leaving Patch, we went to a model shop that Harry wanted to visit before going onto Bungay and a quilting shop there. Could only spend 10 minutes looking at material before the shop shut - good thing really as I could have spent a fortune. Then it was off to Sian and Ian's, where Harry cut their grass and I got lots of cuddles from Ella, my 7 week old grandaughter.
What a perfect day!


  1. It looks lush .... glad Claire is getting some more of that Tanya Whelan in as I need some to finish a quilt! Hoping to visit Patch in the summer ... perhaps we can have a shabby girls at the seaside jolly day out x

  2. It would be great to have a seaside meet up. Some us met up last summer in Southwold and it was a great afternoon