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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow yet again

 So yet again we wake up to snow. Here in East Anglia it has snowed all day and is forecast to snow all night too. When is it going to end?  This was the view from my craftroom this afternoon taken whilst I was cutting out a girl's dress - there's nearly enough for a snowman!
I found this picture on facebook and couldn't resist pinching it as it seems so appropriate.....

What's it like where you are?  I suppose I should be grateful that I don't live in other parts of the country where it is a lot worse but still I am finding it hard to keep motivated when winter seems to have lasted so long.
Really what I want to be doing is sorting out the garden and potting up some plants....


  1. Oh my - the Merry Easter is brilliant and feels very true at the moment!

  2. What a gorgeous view from your craftroom. Love the Merry Easter. x