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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Grandma's phone

Things have all settled down at the moment and on Thursday I visited my two favourite girls, Sian and Ella. Ella loves going through my bag and this week decided to have a go with my phone. Not only did she turn it on but she also managed to connect to the internet - she will be texting by the time she is 3!!


  1. he he, watch out for the calls to 999 and 112. I amsure they are goign to charge me for waisting police time some day soon

  2. She will be on the internet downloading games if my little niece's and nephew's are anything to go by!

  3. Look who’s playing with Grandma’s phone! She’s not even 3, yet she managed to connect it to the internet? Wow! Let’s hope Granny wouldn’t mind the extra bill for the data, though surely she can get away with her cuteness. -- Christine, Snapfōn