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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The sun shines.........

It's beautiful here : 15 degrees recorded on the car thermometer. I even saw one young lady in a sleeveless summer dress - that was going a bit too far I thought, but she was young and the young do strange things don't they? 

Have done some shopping and got the meat for the next 2 weeks. Just need to cook and freeze. Sainsburys had an offer on HP printer paper so got 4 packs which should keep us going for a while. 

Am going to go in the garden in a bit and get some clearing done. It's a real mess out there as leaves are everywhere [we back onto woodland] and the holly bush we took down in the autumn still needs to be got rid of - trouble is brown bin will only hold so much. 

Tea tonight will be some of the gammon I bought, with new potatoes and salad - yum, yum. Need also to make some rolls and biscuits to keep us going for the next few days. All that should fill the oven nicely. 

Suppose I ought also to check that my money has gone into my account.....

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  1. Sounds a busy day :) Those brown bins are useless - ours is never busy in the gardening season.

    Have you booked Folkeast yet?? Am looking forward to the Sat - Bellowhead and Bounty Hounds - should be brilliant :)