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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Fresh Start

The weather has changed and I am feeling more hopeful. I have lots of changes I need to make and now is the time to begin.

My weight has stabilised since Christmas and I now need to work at losing some of it. I did well 
losing 2 stone between July and December but now I need to get motivated again and lose some more. Sian, my daughter has some cupcake designs, that you colour part of each one in as you lose a lb -  each cake coloured in represents half a stone. I am going to use this as a way of motivating myself.

My house is disorganised and needs sorting. Today I have restarted my decluttering but this time I am determined to be more ruthless - no-one person can need so much stuff.  So far some odd bits and some paperwork and files have been thrown and a few items put aside to sell. Don't get me wrong I could never live in a minimalist household but I feel like I'm drowning at the moment.

I started the year well keeping account of all my spending but unfortunately February has not gone well. I haven't spent loads on bits but I also haven't kept an accurate record of everything. On a positive side I have paid the balance for our holiday in Cyprus in May and have bought myself a new office chair[ old one was broken and was giving me backache] and a small laptop. This I have done without touching the savings or incurring any debt - so all is not bad. I get paid tomorrow and I intend to try harder to keep my spending records up to date.

The garden is a mess. Too much to do in one go and also I am not fit enough so my intention is to have a go at a bit a day. I am sure that if I tackle it this way, it will eventually start looking a lot better.

I intend to try and post more - recording my achievements in this attempt to have a fresh start!


  1. Hi! Viv, thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you well on your journey to lose some excess of all kinds and keeping the budget under control, just the same as I'm trying to do.
    Jennie xx (just down the A12 from you)