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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

4th January 2012

Have woken up feeling really cold – don’t seem to have mastered the central heating controls. I know what I need to do to rectify the situation but doing it is another matter. Why can’t they make instructions easy to follow?
The bread I made last night is gorgeous. It was a cheating packet mix – sun dried tomato one. I am slicing it with the electric slicer so am getting really thin slices but 3 slices for breakfast is a bit much , don’t you think?  I seem to have lost a bit off the bottom of the breadmaking pan, which will stop it working. Harry has said he will sort it for me – it’s good being married to an engineer!!
 Have listed 6 items on ebay last night and already have 5 followers on 3 items and a bid on another item. Would really like to make £50 from these items but am unsure whether that is actually possible. Have quite a few other items to list so hopefully will manage to get some of that done later today.
Why is it so difficult to get going when it’s cold? I know that if I move my fat butt from this chair and start moving I’ll get warmer but can’t seem to get motivated. Will someone please give me a kick.


  1. I can do a cyber-kick - a real one would mean I'd fall over ;)

    I need to get sorting to list on ebay plus makes for folksy and a the Greenpeace Fair next month.

    Catch up sometime @ S&B - won't be there tonight but should be back next week :) xx

  2. Hi Vicki
    Won't be at S&B til spring as I hate the drive back in winter - but hope we can catch up soon xxx