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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

CRB madness

Would you believe it?- even though have a recent CRB, I can't volunteer in a school until I have another one done but I could do supply/permanent teaching work with my current CRB - doesn't make sense.
I only stopped full time teaching in the summer and after picking up my grandsons from school yesterday, realised how much I missed being in a school. I spoke to the head who said he'd love to have me in the school. So today I found my CRB certificate and phoned through only to be told by admin that another CRB check needs to be done. The school was severely critised by Ofsted for not having many parent/carer volunteers but I'm not surprised. I know children's safety is important but are we taking things too far?


  1. Well Viv, nothing surprises me any more. I hadn't better get started on my soapbox here! Hope this won't put you off and that you have a great time volunteering at your grandsons' school. x

  2. i have only just had a CRB done just before i stopped teacheing, yet need another for childminding, but liek you I could teach supply tomrrow, just does nto make sense, either too much beaurocracy , or someone wants to fil the coffers or a bit of both