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Monday, 17 October 2011

A busy weekend.....

Busy weekend for us with the collecting of a tea trolley, grandson's birthday treat and the model railway exhibition at tasks today but that includes shopping and a search in the charity shops for some bowls for the 70s inspired dinner party I am giving on Saturday. It seems like years since I have done a dinner party that wasn't family so I am a little anxious that it all goes okay.

Eating out this weekend has caused a blip on the diet front so have just had mushroom omelette for breakfast as I must get back on track. Now its a shower and to bag up clothes etc to take to charity shop whilst I'm there.


  1. Hope your dinner party went ok? Did you find some appropriate bowls?
    Hope all is well with you? Teaching, for me, is manic right now!! ;-)

  2. Your hedgehog looks to cute to eat!