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Monday, 20 June 2011

My latest card

I made this for my sister in law who is 50 this week. I am having problems photographing my cards. Not quite sure what I am doing wrong....

Only 5 weeks now until I retire. It seems to be taking all my energy just to keep going at the moment but come 22nd July my life will begin again. I can't wait!


  1. Gorgeous card Viv and your SIL will love it I'm sure. The flowers on the front look fab and I love how you decorated the inside. Hopefully these next five weeks will fly by and your new life will start even sooner!

  2. Really pretty card Viv, the inside looks gorgeous too, I love those little birds.

    It only seems like a week since you said 10 weeks to go! time is flying by very quickly, its only 9 weeks to Shewsbury, can't wait to meet you. xx

  3. Breathe deeply, time will soon pass. Savour each moment of these 5 weeks, knowing that each job you do at school now will be your last. Retirement rocks!
    Love from Mum