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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hi all.
Have decided to restart this blog as a record of my life in 2015. I took early retirement in 2011 and although have achieved quite a lot since then it is easy for time to slip by without being fully aware of what you have done and what has been achieved. That is no longer. This blog will record it all.....

The new year started with celebrations in the Bosley household that lasted from 7pm on the 31st to 5pm on the 1st with a few hours off to sleep. We all had a great time which included quite a lot of alcohol, board games,  a jig saw and  a lovely evening meal and a fully cooked brunch on the first. Reluctantly we returned home and chilled.

Friday the 2nd saw Harry returning to work and I took the opportunity to get lots of the Christmas decorations down....they are all in the conservatory now awaiting the bags to put them in. Evening meal was soup which was made from a packet found in the back of the cupboard and dated 2011.....the start of our 'eat all we have in the cupboards, fridge and freezer before we buy more campaign'. It tasted fine...those best before dates really annoy me as so many throw good food into the bin because of those dates.

Yesterday was Toby's second birthday. As Harry was still so unwell I drove over to take his present and spend a few hours with them all. Toby was in great form and loved all his presents. The dustcart with wheelie bin that I'd bought him was a great success especially as the bin could tip into the dustcart just like the real ones.....result lots of screwed up bits of paper everywhere!  Tea was another packet of soup and was just as good as the previous one.

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