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Thursday, 7 July 2011

I spoilt myself today

This morning I had to go to the hospital for a blood test, so knowing it would be really busy I got there for 8am. My face dropped as I entered the waiting room as it was half full already. So I took my ticket and sat down.....slowly the room began to empty and still it wasn't my turn. Eventually I was called and nervously I entered the cubicle and sat down. I explained that my veins are very awkward and this certainly proved to be the case. It took 2 attempts to drain me of blood. Finally I was able to leave and I noted that in the time I'd been in there the waiting room had filled again.

Knowing that Mollie Makes issue 3 was due out today I went to Sainsburys on the off chance that they might have it. To my delight they did and it soon found its way into my trolley as did all the following:

I know......I was very naughty , wasn't I? I told myself it was my reward for having had my blood test done. Now I just need to find the time to read them all.

What do you do to treat yourself?


  1. I know what you mean about the Molly Makes magazine, I was so impressed with the first issues I have treated myself to a subscription! And I must say 'Laura's Handmade Life looks interesting too, will have to check that out.

  2. That sounds like my kind of shopping!!!

  3. You deserve that lot for being brave and waiting for ages to see the Vampires ;)

    That 2nd book looks very good - have to let me know if its worth hunting a copy down :)

  4. oooo my kinda treats too :) just need the choccie biccies!! Don't worry too much about the time you will soon have oodles of it xx

  5. I bought a painting yesterday on the spur of the moment, mind you a probably didn't spend too much more than you did so that makes me feel a little better. My husband's face said it all though, like we need another one of those like a hole in the head!!

    Hope the results are good ones! x

  6. oh might have to borrow those two books when I eventually get through the lots I still need to read!!