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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Another card and a bracelet

I'm getting the crafty bug again.... I know I should be marking but this is so much more fun. I have been out and bought more bits and now I have been looking on line at the Craft Robo. It looks brilliant but is it? Does anyone have one?
The bracelet is for my sister's birthday - she isn't into crafts and making things so I hope she likes it anyway.


  1. Well Viv I'm gobsmacked! another fabby card! I can't believe you haven't been doing this for years. These cards are amazing!! You should rattle off a box full and get them in the Staff room for a couple of quid each, s*d the marking lol. Tell Harry thank you for his kind words. xx

    I have a Silhouette which is the new name for Craft Robo :) If you look in the side bar of my blog under labels you will see a link to all the things I have been making using it. If you see anything you want cutting just shout. It is something that has to be on your desk otherwise it would be a pain to get out everytime you want to use it. They are a faff to start with but I tend to have a cutting session and cut loads. There are loads of freebie cutting files on the web ;) xx

  2. Oh sorry I forgot to mention the gorgeous bracelet, its a beautiful colour and a beautiful gift.

    What have you used as thread please? xx

  3. Its just a stretchy thread I get from ebay [ most people selling beads sell it].
    I can't believe how easy it is to make these cards - makes all the ones I made in the past seem awful. Really lobe the colouring in so therapeutic

  4. Your card is wonderful...lucky recipient of both the card & braclet...How gracious of you!

  5. The bracelet is really pretty, I'm sure your sister will love it.