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Monday, 11 April 2011

A Day in Ipswich with Sian and Ella

Today I met up with Sian and baby Ella in Ipswich. Then it was first stop Early Learning where we did a lot of looking but no buying. The shop has really changed since the 80s when I used to visit with my three and they spent ages playing with the brio trainset. Today there was no trainset and although they still have some lovely toys, there was some definite gender marketing. This would have been a definite 'no no' in the 80s when all the toys were aimed at both genders. Really feel the shop has down graded itself and would love it to go back to those 'good old days'.

Then it was off to some of the cheap shops - Wilkinsons and Poundland to look at the gardening bits. I got a gardening bag for all the weeds and cuttings but didn't realise how big it was - its huge and really not that practical. Sian wanted Boots for baby bits and then we went to a Eco nappy shop. For those who haven't seen a nappy for years - they have changed from this:

to this: For those who have never visited, Ipwich is a lovely town - full of old buildings

and with a lovely waterfront:

but unlike its neighbouring Norwich, Ipswich doesn't seem to know how to market itself.

Anyway after a long morning we stopped and had jacket potatoes in the Buttermarket, and I was introduced to the delights of the baby changing area there. Soon it was time to kiss Sian and Ella goodbye but not for too long as I'll be seeing them again on Saturday.


  1. I'm seeing if I am in your photos as I was in Ipswich today too!

  2. We used to take the boys to ELC for a play when we'd been shopping when they were smaller. Now they prefer the Apple Store!!

  3. What a lovely day you have had with your "girls". Ahhhh Brio train sets, that brings back memories, my 2 boys loved theirs. We didn't have much money then as the mortgage rate was at 16% but you could buy small pieces of Brio at a time and soon we had enough to make a decent track. Those eco nappies are great, my daughter inlaw had them for our grandaughter 8years ago, they save an awful lot of money on disposables and much better for the environment. I have never been to Ipswich but it looks a lovely place. Maybe one day we will get there with the caravan for a few days. I hope you enjoy your break from work, and have a lovely Easter.
    Karen x