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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Oysterband - a disappointment

Just back from Bury St Edmunds and for the first time ever I wish we'd saved our money and stayed at home. It was billed as Oysterband with June Tabor but feel it should have been the other way round. June dominated the majority of the set and at times even John's mike was muted so that he could hardly be heard. There were only 4 'Oysterband' tracks if you include 'Turn out the lights' that June also sang on. I'm afraid I am never going to particularly like June Tabor - I can't even hear all the words she sings so when she talks about the importance of words in songs , it all rather misses the point!

I would really love to go to a 'real' Oysterband gig at this venue though. The acoustics in the apex really suited John's voice and the sound the band make.

So what set are they going to do at the Big Session? - if its this one I believe there will be a lot of very disappointed people.

On the bright side I'm looking forward to Oxjam tomorrow with the Bounty Hounds and Hedgepig

Friday, 28 October 2011

A slippery time

Not a good mixture - a stone tile floor and a litre bottle of olive oil. I've done my best to clear it all up but am still left with a very slippery floor. Any suggestions??

Monday, 17 October 2011

A busy weekend.....

Busy weekend for us with the collecting of a tea trolley, grandson's birthday treat and the model railway exhibition at tasks today but that includes shopping and a search in the charity shops for some bowls for the 70s inspired dinner party I am giving on Saturday. It seems like years since I have done a dinner party that wasn't family so I am a little anxious that it all goes okay.

Eating out this weekend has caused a blip on the diet front so have just had mushroom omelette for breakfast as I must get back on track. Now its a shower and to bag up clothes etc to take to charity shop whilst I'm there.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Saving £2500......

Our conservatory has been leaking in several places for a while now and eventually we got a quote for a repair - a few quid short of £2500. So off to B&Q went my super husband, where he bought some proper bitumen flashing tape. Several hours later and a completely sealed roof even if it was about 8pm last night when he finished. Thanks Harry - love you loads