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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Poor Charlie

On Friday afternoon coming home from school with his mum and brother, my grandson,Charlie was hit by a car on a crossing even though the green man was on. He was flung in the air, hit the bonnet and then landed several feet away. He was knocked unconscious for 5-10 mins but had woken by the time the ambulance arrived. Amazingly enough however he escaped with only a broken arm and cuts and grazes. He was kept in hospital overnight but was allowed home yesterday morning. We have been told his arm could take up to 12 weeks to heal.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Year 11 are leaving........

So it's time to get out that special notebook

in which to write those special messages

which will be read over and over again.......

'Miss said she can't put my photo on her blog, because I might be recognised I won't!!'

'And now I'm leaving I can stop hiding my phone!'

Thought you all might like to get some insight into the last days of being in year 11......

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Confession of a fabric addict

Even though I possibly have enough fabric to start my own shop I could not resist this site:

The cost per yard worked out at a very reasonable £6 a yard for the ones I bought [ including postage].
And what did I buy?

The Apron Swap

I came home early from school yesterday as I was feeling decidedly unwell, so I spent the afternoon finishing the apron, I'm sending to Virginia in Tasmania. I won't show the whole apron but a sneek preview of part of it:She is appliquéd on - this is the first time I've done any appliqué so is not perfect but I hope Virginia likes it

Friday, 21 May 2010

Weekend starts here................

At long last its the weekend. Not sure what I'm planning for tomorrow yet but being out in the fresh air is a certain. When you spend all day in a classroom, you have to take any opportunity you can to be outside.
Sunday I'm planning on sewing - I need to make something for my sister's birthday, sort out some swaps and I want to make myself a top. I haven't done any clothes sewing for years - so I'm hoping its like riding a bike - you never forget.
Hope everyone has a good weekend

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ipswich Waterfront Vintage Market

This morning I popped down to the waterfront [ I must admit it's been a while since I have visited] as there was a vintage market on. There were lots of people there, so taking photos was difficult at times but I did get some good ones of the waterfront

Eventually we got to where the stalls started:
Had to wait around a bit in order to get some photos without too many customers/browsers in front of the stalls:

Then I spotted this and couldn't resist photographing it:
The changing room sign - I wonder if they realised the N was the wrong way around:

And the next one is next month in Woodbridge - I definitely hope to be there:

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Coursework nightmare nearly over!

The last couple of weeks have been really manic with trying to get coursework out of pupils. Some hand it in and expect to get an A, even if its full of mistakes; some again hand it in and haven't taken any notice of advice you have given them and are upset when its a low grade, and finally some just don't hand it in.

Of course all this is not their fault. The last twenty years of education changes have made sure of that. If the pupil doesn't get the grade, misbehaves in lessons, or truants - it must be the fault of the teacher!!

League tables and Ofsted have created a climate in schools, where more and more the teacher has to do the thinking for the pupil and almost has to do the 'work' for them. I am seriously concerned that we are breeding a generation who have no idea of working hard, and don't know what it means to think or take responsibility for themselves.

Hopefully tomorrow I will finish all the coursework marking and on Monday the exams begin. Now the revision sessions become more frequent - before school, lunchtimes and after school. Pupils attend when and where they like, but the teacher is there for all of them.

Don't get me wrong, there are loads of really lovely pupils who do work but there is at least an equal number who seem to expect it all to be done for them.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Need some help/advice............

As some of you may know, my eldest son is getting married in late August to a super girl he met whilst at Uni. [Let's hope it doesn't rain that day]
They are marrying at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield - Emma in a 50s type dress and Joe in a vintage suit [ if he can find one in time]. There will be family there but not that many - it will mainly be the friends they have made over the last few years at icehockey, work and at the vintage fairs they do.
My problem is what do I wear? I had hoped to lose some weight but it doesn't seem to be happening - so the best way of describing my shape is short and very very round. I don't wear dresses or skirts [ I don't even own a dress or skirt]. I had thought of wearing black trousers, my new red shoes [which I love and by the way I don't do heels]:
Then I have a smart white jacket[which I may or may not need] and was wondering about making a top - trouble is to go with the shoes it ought to have red in and the bride [ Emma] is wearing white with a red fabric belt around her middle. Lets hope Joe isn't reading this.
So what fabric do I use?
Have found these which I like but am unsure about:

Trouble is they are quite expensive [for me anyway]and I want to be certain they are right.
So what do you think? Am I on the right lines or should I go back to the drawing board?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Make me smile award

Have received this award from Karen at Tilly Rose. Thanks so much, Karen

The rules for the "Make Me Smile Award" is to list 7 things you love about where you live. Here goes:
  1. My garden backs onto woodland
  2. My house is now becoming more 'me' and feeling more like 'home' everyday
  3. The Suffolk coast line is very near
  4. Felixstowe library is only a few miles away and its so easy to reserve books
  5. The customs and local traditions are returning
  6. Good music in many of the Suffolk pubs
  7. The Suffolk countryside

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Saturday Rain

It's the weekend and yet again its raining............

Monday, 3 May 2010

My Bank Holiday Weekend

The weekend started with the setting up of 'camp' Including this cheerful ladybird and the bunting shown below:

And of course the compulsory windsoc:
Harry snapped in the awning:
Then the next morning[Sat] it was into Rochester for the festival. But first a walk through the visitor centre where they are counting the days until the Olympics:
And Mr Dickens greeting all visitors:
Then to the main High Street and the dancing:
Harry waiting for the rest of Pretty Grim to join him - he had to stop the face paint half way up his head because of the shingles scabs:
More dancers:

Young and old:

A photo looking back up the high street
A beautiful building - the gardens of which we sat in to eat our lunch:

Then more dancers:
And the horse:
And some strange characters:
More dancers including Harry with Pretty Grim:

Then Saturday night it was to the pub to listen to The Bounty Hounds. Can anyone spot the singer, John in any of the other photos?

Unfortunately on Sunday it poured and I decided to have a quiet day in the caravan, reading and trying to master crocheting. Today it was back to the pub to watch The Bounty Hounds before our journey home.